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Certified Judo Manager Course

As an introductory course the Certified Judo Manager course is designed to give you a wide context to the management of judo globally. Everything we undertake in this course is geared towards ensuring your involvement in judo is enhanced be that as an administrator, a business owner, a club volunteer or indeed any involvement within the sport. Many of the examples utilised within the course will be judo related – in particular the activities and case studies.

Communication for Sport Managers

This  is an introductory online course that is designed to give you wide context to the subject matter rather than equip you with every conceivable skill. You will gain skills and obtain the knowledge in communication required by sports managers.

Each module stage contains a range of materials that are written, interactive and include video and online links as well as a selection of practical readings.

Introduction to Time Management

STRIDE Learn to Run

STRIDE is a six stage, learn to run system targeted towards children, adults and trainers for any sport that involves running. The course was written and developed by Peter Annis-Brown, a running technique specialist and accredited athletics coach with a lifetime involvement in sport and exercise. STRIDE stands for Speed, Timing, Right angle, Ideal posture, Direction and Exercise everything.