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In case you haven’t noticed we are all confronted with the Coronavirus Crisis. This has led to the cancellation of the Academy Games and the curtailment of our face to face training and education programs.

we have decided to offer a featured course every week to help you through this period of uncertainty. We will also be adding content alongside the course to change it up a little  – sometimes innovative, sometimes fun but always informative!

Please remember also that if you are having any challenges with this or any aspect of your training the NCAS is always there for you! Perhaps you can start with your coach and/or manager and of course D’Arcy is here to help too! Simply send her an email to and she will get back to you to discuss.

Stay healthy…

Nutrition for the Talented Athlete

Welcome to this online course on Nutrition for the Talented Athlete. This is an introductory course and forms part of the ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program. It is designed to complement the face to face workshop delivered as part of this program and your scholarship with your Academy.

Nutrition Webinar

If you want to learn a little more about nutrition then our regional academy partner, the Illawarra Academy of Sport have put together a great webinar on that very subject! It complements the content of the online course above. Click on the logo above for access… (Login required)

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Snapshot about what you should (and should not) be eating as a general guide. Remember athletes might require more of each of these!?

Australian Institute of Sport Healthy Kids

Great video that explains ‘Eating for Sport’ in some detail. 3 mins

The Eating Habits of the Best Athletes in the World

We all want to know the secrets of the most successful people in the world.

Of course, part of their success can be attributed to natural talent, but some of their lifestyle habits and routines can be applied to the rest of us as well.

Source: Medium

Practical ways to include key nutrients for immune support

Each day elite athletes can actively contribute to their overall health and immune support through the food choices they make.

This article from NSW Institute of Sport explains how athletes can boost immune system through diet…

Other Courses in the Series...

We have lots of courses available + some great interactive and innovative new stuff!

Social Media for Athletes

There are many differing definitions of social media and it is an area of broad interest that is receiving ever increasing interest in sporting circles.

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will examine many of the positive and negative aspects of social media through the use of a range of materials, interactive activities and online links.

Introduction to Sports Psychology

We may have a bit of an idea about what sports psychology is, we may even have attended a session or a seminar about it but what exactly is sports psychology?

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will examine sports psychology and the role of the sports psychologist and also provide you with a few mental training techniques.

Youth Leadership

So what is this thing called leadership? What does it mean to you? As you might expect, the word leadership means different things to different people and can conjure up a variety of images.

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will examine the concept of leadership, look at the characteristics of effective leadership, some leadership styles and the value of leadership to your team.

Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention

Getting injured is a part of your sporting life whatever your level of performance. How can you prevent it, manage it and recover from it?

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will look at exactly that – from prevention to recovery and everything in between including concussion.

Financial Fitness for Young Athletes

So what is financial fitness all about? Why is it important to be financially fit and how do you get there!?

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will examine many aspects of personal financial fitness to ensure you have the money you need… when you need it!.

Integrity in Sport

You will at some point in your life find yourself in a comprising and uncomfortable position. You will have to make a choice and behind that choice is your personal integrity.

In this ClubsNSW RASi Athlete Education Program we will examine integrity in general and more specifically the concept of sport integrity before looking at the threats to this important part of sport.