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Dr Dave Arthur has over twenty-five years of consulting practice in a variety of sport and event projects. The iSport consulting function is based on proven frameworks specifically matched to the most exacting client requirements and can be tailored to include the skills and knowledge of our highly experienced principal and associates.

Major capabilities, a cross section of examples and Dr Arthur’s Practical Skills and Capability Summary follows. Deeper case studies and a range of testimonials are available on request…

Organisational Business Review

From complex organisational review and restructure to over-arching governance review and from review of business performance to cost benefit and financial analysis and modelling, iSport has taken more than 50 projects from conception to finality.

This has resulted in high client satisfaction levels as well as significant and long standing organisational impact.

Gold Coast Titans
Dr Dave Arthur undertook a complete organisational review including administrative and football departments that resulted in a complete restructure of the organisation and the way it does business. A further project was secured that created a strategic plan for the entire organisation.

National Rugby League
iSport has undertaken a range of strategic and organisational reviews for the National Rugby League. This has included a wide ranging research project following the Super League war and an acclaimed review of the NRL’s elite refereeing department.

Educational Design and Pedagogy

iSport designs market facing, pedagogically-sound courses of study ranging from discrete, one-off courses designed for the sports volunteer or sport business practitioner to entire programs involving complex interactions and mapping between constituent parts.

We access the world’s best practical and academic sport business minds, to conceive and deliver courses globally.

International Judo Federation Academy
Since its inception iSport have built and facilitated the IJFA’s ground breaking Certified Judo Manager course. Over three thousand students have been through the course and in mid 2019 it transitions to become an Undergraduate Certificate in Judo Management.

University Campus of Football Business (UK)
Dr Dave Arthur is consulting on an ongoing basis with UK based global education providers UCFB to design and implement a range of innovative and creative tertiary level sport business programs.

Strategic Planning

iSport undertakes strategic planning consultancy in areas as diverse as professional sport franchises, sport tourism, volunteer management and acquisition, education and training and event and facility management.

In addition, iSport has been called upon to provide ongoing strategic advice for professional sporting franchises, commercial entities, schools and not for profit sporting organisations across the globe.

Ballina Coast High School (NSW)
iSport was recently contracted to formulate and implement a strategic plan within BCHS for targeted athletes within NSW’s newest and most innovative school. The recommendations resulted in a more effective sport provision within the school.

Ocean Shores Country Club
iSport was recently contracted to undertake a complex administrative and strategic review for the the Ocean Shores Country Club. Subsequent to this Dr Arthur was retained to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan for the organisation.

iSport Model of Value Creation

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is now the government-preferred approach to evaluating policy choices.

To locate and, perhaps more importantly, communicate the full suite of costs and benefits that might attach to sport and related activities, the team at the iSport in conjunction with the Institute of Project Management developed an intuitive framework to describe the costs and benefits of sport and recreation ecosystems.

North Melbourne Football Club and Hobart City Council
The model was applied to the value of other specific sports activities, for example North Melbourne Football Club and Hobart City Council and other public goods such as, the Arts, major events and live music, and internationally published to wide acclaim.

Regional Academies of Sport
iSport worked with Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated in NSW and used the Model of Value Creation to evaluate the true economic and social contribution of their extensive work throughout the State.

Practical Skills and Capability Summary

Dr Dave Arthur

  • Extensive knowledge of, and experience in a range of sporting environments including across the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malta, United Kingdom as well as Australia and New Zealand;
  • Practical and ongoing experience in all aspects of planning for sport and non-sport entities;
  • A proven ability to conceptualise and develop projects from initial concept through to implementation and evaluation utilising a range of research related management skills and tools developed through contact with corporate and sporting communities;
  • High level skills in stakeholder engagement, facilitation and communication including face to face, online and within small to large group settings.
  • Ability to source resources (human and physical) necessary to achieve organisational effectiveness;
  • Experience lobbying government and private sector organisations for support, sponsorship and funding;
  • A knowledge of the international events and sporting marketplace gained over the previous twenty years working directly within the corporate, professional and amateur sport commensurate with my roles as a consultant, researcher and educator;
  • The ability to conceptualise, develop and implement projects and programmes from start to finish. In addition to designing and undertaking pre, during and post programme evaluative research.
  • A wide range of communication skills in a variety of settings, e.g. meetings, presentations to large (audiences of 200+) and small groups, high level (e.g. CEO, Director) corporate negotiations, electronic and print media;
  • A demonstrable ability to work either independently or within a team environment including experience working as part of a team at levels from Board to grass roots in a range of profit and not for profit organisations;
  • Wide ranging practical experience together with unrivalled theoretical knowledge in the development of business, feasibility and marketing plans, grant applications, sponsorship proposals and development plans and the implementation of strategies;
  • A track record of internationally recognised qualitative and quantitative research and consultancy into sport business;
  • Planning and developing a range of strategies and actions that have directly led to the achievement of organisational objectives;
  • Experience in the recruitment, training and development of staff. Motivating and encouraging those around me to achieve their own goals whilst at the same time achieving those of the organisation; and
  • High level and well developed negotiation skills that have led to the development of successful business partnerships; and
  • Experience in the effective management of both financial and human resources used in the pursuit of organisational objectives;