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The iSport consulting function is based on proven frameworks specifically matched to exacting client requirements and can be tailored to include any or all of our highly experienced principals, partners and associates.


The iSport Model of Value Creation

In 2011, the team at what is now the Institute of Sport completed ground-breaking research into the Value of Sport and Physical Recreation in Tasmania. It was observed that although traditional analyses of economic impact are a necessary step towards resolving the social welfare question, they do not distinguish costs from benefits.

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is now the government-preferred approach to evaluating policy choices. To locate and, perhaps more importantly, communicate the full suite of costs and benefits that might attach to sport and related activities, the team at the iSport developed an intuitive framework to describe the costs and benefits of sport and recreation ecosystems.

Iterations of the model have since been applied to the value of other specific sports activities, for example North Melbourne Football Club and Hobart City Council and other public goods such as, the Arts, major events and live music, and internationally published to wide acclaim. iSport are currently working with Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated in NSW to evaluate the true value of their extensive work throughout the State.


Organisational and Business Review

From complex organisational review and restructure to over-arching governance review and from review of business performance to cost benefit and financial analysis and modelling, iSport has taken more than 50 projects from conception to finality. This has resulted in high client satisfaction levels as well as significant and long standing organisational impact. Most recently, through iSport Managing Director Dr Dave Arthur the Gold Coast Titans underwent a complete organisational review and subsequent further strategic planning


Strategic Planning

iSport undertakes strategic planning consultancy in areas as diverse as sport tourism, volunteer management and acquisition, education and training and event and facility management. In addition, iSport has been called upon to provide ongoing strategic advice for professional sporting franchises, commercial entities and not for profit sporting organisations across the globe.


Educational Design

iSport designs market facing, pedagogically-sound courses of study ranging from discrete, one-off courses designed for the C-suite executive or sport business practitioner to entire programs involving complex interactions and mapping between constituent parts. We access the world’s best practical and academic sport business minds, to conceive and deliver courses globally.

iSport gives you access to global best practices facilitated by renowned experts in a single, open-learning portal. 



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